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Available on the iOS appstore (direct link)

SailTrack helps to all of those, who want their relatives or friends to know, where you are exactly located with your ship in current time.

SailTrack has these capabilities:
Great feature is, that when there is temporarily no internet connection available, locations are not lost. App stores them locally on the device and when internet is available, they are automatically stored to server.

Some screenshots of app:
SailTrack map view Sailtrack main view SailTrack settings

When you enable it, app sends actual locations to server in periodic intervals (can be set in app), so the position is always fresh.
Server stores these locations and it keeps track of the trip traveled by the ship so it can be then viewed by others on map online.

Map with track is avalable here on personal page which can be accessed under the same username as account in SailTrack app

All stored trackpoints can be downloaded from the server as GPX file. So it can be then imported to other applications.

If you intend to use our app please read terms and conditions of use and our privacy policy carefully.

created by: Jan Benes, 2015